Have you noticed our new look? New logo for Mee a Bee!

I've been working on a little surprise - a new logo, font and colour scheme for Mee a Bee. And here it is!

I loved my old logo but since I had designed it myself it wasn't up to scratch when I needed to re-size it or for printing. Every time I needed a different sized logo I would waste hours trying to make it work. I decided I needed to call in a professional. Since I was going for a major overhaul I thought I would get a genuine Japanese illustration.

I contacted professional graphic designer and illustrator Chieco Tanabe for help. She was quite simply amazing! First off she speaks virtually no English. I can speak some Japanese but my computer cannot so I wrote to her in English. She bent over backwards to help me and I just can't believe how spot on she was in her work. We did NO revisions!! This is her first proof and I love it.

Don't you think the little boy and girl are adorable? and a few of you have noticed their little bags. The old logo had a boy and girl too, with little bags as well, but they had no arms (beyond my capabilities). These two have arms and look they're holding hands ♥ They are brother and sister.

I know you will think they are splendid. I can't thank Chieco enough nor recommend her strongly enough. 


  1. They / it looks fantastic! you must be thrilled.
    sooo cute

  2. THEY ROCK!!! I so wish I lived in Japan, or that Japan lived in my backyard, love all the styles there

  3. How nice! Isn't it really exciting to have a new beginning with a lovely logo!

  4. Congratulations!! Looks fabulous :)

  5. I certainly have noticed, and it's super cute!

  6. Looks like Em & Ty


  7. Thanks a lot everyone! I am sure Chieco will be really pleased to read this great feedback. It might be the push she needs to take her work global!

  8. Sally, yes!! they do look like Emily and Tyler, cute!!!!!

  9. Adorable new design..it's perfect for you :)

  10. Love your new logo, Jacqui! It's great when you find someone to work with who is on the same page as you.



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