Mt Inunaki in Izumisano, Osaka

Mt Inunaki in Izumisano, Osaka
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I am still fiddling around with my camera, trying to work out the 'manual' settings. I just use a trusty point and shoot which has a lot of automatic settings.

Isn't this one good? Good or not, we had a really lovely walk this afternoon, the whole family together which is somewhat rare. We revisited our Spring vacation hiking spot: Mt Inunaki.

I bumped into a good friend of mine in the public restroom of all places - it was such a great surprise and really unexpected since it was her first time at the mountain and only my second.

I feel really refreshed and ready to get stuck into the mountain of bag orders I have here (that's good isn't it!?)


  1. wow, it is good! Your image is amazing and gave me goose bumps! You lucky girl.


  2. I love this - what a beautiful photo!

  3. Oh Thanks!
    This place is a ten or 15 minute drive from my home, isn't it cool?

  4. That picture is lovely! What a beautiful place.


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