My first post as contributor for Oh My! Handmade Goodness

I am incredibly excited to share with you my first contributor post for Oh My!Handmade Goodness (OMHG). It's my first experience of writing for any "publication" other than my own blog. It's fitting that it's Blooming in Japan's blogiversary this week (May19th). Three years of my boring exciting, depressing uplifting thoughts shared almost daily.

I hope you'll take the time to read my story. In it I share my true feelings about starting the business and I acknowledge the huge part my friends and early blog readers played in getting the ball rolling. I'll say it again: THANK YOU!

My first customer was my good friend Kaimacat*. We met when our babies were two years old, at playgroup. Now those babies are eight years old! My next customer was MaggieT*. Although we have never met in person I consider Maggie to be a dear friend as a fellow expatriate living here in Japan. Thank you both for giving me the confidence I needed to make a go of it.

Before the shop came the blog and the early readers were incredibly supportive and encouraging. Thank you Jan, Sherry, MissBehaving, Medeafication, StellarStarStruck, Midori*. I know there are a lot of others and I truly appreciate you all.

So pop on over to Oh My! Handmade Goodness and read all about Mee a Bee and its humble beginnings, if you haven't already been bored to tears by my story!

Stay tuned for a CRAFTY GIVEAWAY on Wednesday - my favourite Japanese craft tools and magazines up for grabs to say thanks ♥ for reading my blog!

*some of these are screen names


  1. Hi! Though I don't belong to a group of crafty mothers(I used to when my children were small), I'm always enjoy visiting your blog. And I've just taken a peek of your article in OMHG and I was impressed with you. I was impressed with your life philosophy as well as your business philosophy, if I might say. Living in a foreign country far away from your home must be soo different but you've never lost yourself. I'd just like to send you big cheers to you. Thank you for sharing your story. I love that. You are in bloom. "Ganbatte!"

  2. Yep you really are in bloom. You wrote a fantastic article but I would expect nothing less. I think the key to your success is your humbleness, your attention to detail and your impeccable business sense. You haven't stood there with your hand out, you've worked hard. Look forward to reading more on OHMG!

  3. Thank you both so much!

    Photojoy - readers like you make it so worthwhile. I knew I was leaving out some important categories as to who reads my blog. I am blessed really to have such great people giving me energy!

    Kelly - you're awesome, thanks for this encouraging comment. BIG SMILE :)

  4. LOVED your article, very inspiring. I too live abroad (Belgium), away from home (England) and it is wonderful to see how you have been able to use the Japanese fabrics so share so beautifully with others through your bags. Hugs, Catherine x


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