Never stop learning and adding to your skill pool

I enjoy sewing a great deal but lately I have been making a lot of the same thing. I am not tired of making these messenger bags but I do like a bit of variety. I am happy to say I have now officially added piping to my arsenal of sewing skills.

I have a great sewing book by DK - The Complete Book of Sewing. I always refer to it when I am doing something new or tricky. It's a beautiful hardcover book with glossy photos of everything you ever wanted to know about sewing and fabric.

The new bags are in my shop now: Princess and her Frog Prince - in the two versions, square or curved with piping.


  1. Looks great! I'm so happy to see you recommend this book. I've been eyeing off this one (as well as others) for sometime and I've struggled to decide which way to go. Looks like I have my recommendation! Thanks

  2. Jacqui, would you consider making library bags? I would love a Mee a Bee one for Poppy!!

  3. I love the piping! It's a great touch. Such sweet fabric too.

  4. I love piping....I haven't done much though of late. It looks beautiful in the bag.

  5. Thanks everyone!
    Kirsty, it's a great book if you are interested in sewing clothing. invisible zips and stuff like that are explained in detail.

    Kellie! I will be in touch!!

  6. After a forced internet fast (moving from one side of Kyoto to the other side), I come back to your place and see this sweet piping ! I love, love, love this detail to your bag.

    You're definitely right about keeping adding to one's list of skills. I guess it's how you keep things fresh too.


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