One can only dream

It's not a real magazine cover but wouldn't it be fantastic! I created this using Big Huge Labs.


  1. ha! That's great - frame it and hang it on the wall - isn't that what the book The Secret would recommend? If you believe it, you can achieve it and all that :D

  2. I called out to Biggie and said Look Little Guy is on the cover of a magazine - he said WOW!!!!! and then I told him I had made it, he thought it was so cool.
    Yes, I am a big believer in positive visualisation type stuff.

  3. Love it... wonder how MooBear would look on the front cover hehe...

    xo Steph

  4. Wow, this is cool! I always enjoy visiting your blog and see your talents. Have a nice Sunday!

  5. Oh - love this! I'm a mama to two boys and it WOULD be awesome to have a cool mag just for them...just discovered your blog and really enjoying it :)

  6. I'm so glad you found me Bron!


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