One pretty thing and the barbecue

Oh nothing can replace that flame-grilled taste! Right? We're back from the barbecue and it was great! Our day could not have been better from being super-organised this morning with the food to take, to the weather being perfect, to not getting lost on the way and to our perfect hostesses! Thank you M, L and R ♥.

Now we did have some teething problems with the grill (more smoke than heat) but the kids had a fantastic time gathering twigs to poke into the fire and later to roast marshmallows on. Our food was delicious and we had new season corn, mmmmmmm licking lips.

No photos of the BBQ sorry, I was too busy in my role of assistant chef. But I just discovered that my sunny bright napkins are having a moment in the limelight on One Pretty Thing. Perfect since I made these with fresh corn in mind. I think I may have to whip some more up as I see many more BBQs on our horizon.

I have more photos of the napkins and how-to on Flickr.


  1. it sounds like it was the perfect bbq. there is nothing like marshmallows! I love your napkins, miss creative! x

  2. Yum, BBQ sounds lovely! It's wet, wet, wet here (not to mention cold!) and BBQs in the sun feel a million miles away.
    (BTW the word verification on this was pyeaten - heehee, seems somehow appropriate since we're talking about food...)

  3. Last BBQ we went to was probably at your place Cathy! still dreaming of our fantastic road trip - seems a million ages ago too.


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