One step closer to a dream of mine: Featured Sellers/Team

Every couple of days on the Etsy Front page the section called Featured Seller is updated with an interview of the chosen seller. I love reading these interviews and have read almost all of them. They are full of great tips and inspiration from people like me, trying to make it big selling their handmade wares.

It's been a dream of mine to be featured since I started on Etsy and today I am one step closer (or it's the next best thing): The Japan Team has been featured on Etsy's blog!

Our team is amazing and really diverse. Some of us make traditional things, some of us make cute kawaii things. Each story is unique and interesting. I hope you will visit the article to read more:

Thanks Andrea, our team coordinator for setting it up. And Etsy, I am still more than happy to be your Featured Seller one day!


  1. Great piece, I love seeing people I know being credited for their amazing talent...yeah! Congrats to you!

  2. Thanks Naomi, it's been great! lots of clicks and hearts in my shop.


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