Putting yourself out there: how to get featured on blogs or websites

Mee a Bee has been receiving some fabulous promotion lately, don't you agree? This morning I woke up to find my gorgeous Babushka bag featured on Chic Mother and Baby. Isn't this a cute line up of wonderful items? Click this link to see and learn more.

How do I get featured so regularly? It's a combination of things. Having a great product that I believe in is number one. Having (semi) decent photographs is another. Then it all comes down to being in the right place at the right time, making connections and putting yourself out there.

Take this feature by Chic Mother and Baby. Here's how it all fell into place:

Last year I wrote a press release, it was picked up by BabyBites. Later on in the year BabyBites editor-in-chief Jodi was opening her own store, Chocolate+Chilli. She wanted Mee a Bee to be one of her gorgeous hand-selected brands.

MiniStyleHive was one of the websites that publicised the launch of C+C and highlighted Mee a Bee as one of their personal picks. There's a lot of camaraderie in the kids' fashion industry so I wasn't surprised when Kellie (MiniStyleHive) shared her favourite design blogs. Chic Mother and Baby is of course one of them.

Back up a few more notches and meet Skout Trade Fair. This is the network for people in the kid's industry and where I have made some wonderful connections. Last night I happened to notice that Mina (Chic Mother and Baby) was scouting Babushka items. I quickly dropped her a line and hey presto the bag is on the site this morning.

So you can see a number of important elements at work. Having a solid plan and the patience to see it through. Networking, taking an interest in your industry not just your own niche market, meeting key players and supporting other businesses, even those that could be viewed as competitors. And lastly, not being afraid to make that initial contact - nothing ventured nothing gained.

Thank you so much to all of the women mentioned here. You've played a huge part in Mee a Bee's success to date.


  1. You are rockin'! Way to go!

  2. It is also because you design the best kids bags, and you are a beautiful person.

    Well done! xx

  3. Well done Jacqui! :)

  4. Thanks so much for sharing. I love your work, it shows hard works pays off.

  5. Few things annoy me more than those who are quite happy to accept publicity and press but never offer any back. I see this a lot. Meeabee always writes about other blogs and crafters. This is the way to go.

  6. Congratulations. It's such an exciting story. You deserve it. I'm glad I'm one of the followers.

  7. Thanks for letting us be a part of your story :)

  8. Jacqui, I think you are just fabulous! I try to 'pay it forward' whenever I can (based on some very valuable advice from one of the other bloggers mentioned in your post!)

    It also helps that your bags are just divine. Poppy loves hers!!

  9. I concur - you're wonderful, have a great product and are passionate about what you do. That all helps too! :) Clearly a rocking combo. xo

  10. you have inspired me to thank some people who in the past month have helped me 'get my name out there' and introduced me to so many wonderful blogs...thank you! X

  11. Also saw you on LovelyBlogs NZ - Yay for heaps of promotion! Nice work :-)


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