Quick recap of the past couple of days

Oops, it's Thursday already? I almost forgot about the giveaway! I will make the random draw in the morning.

It's been an incredibly busy week with two Chatty Cafes. Today I made Melting Moments - a very buttery cookie sandwiched with jam and vanilla cream - yum! Little Guy did the jam, so cute. I must start compiling a list of Cafe favourite recipes.

We've been camping equipment shopping again. We found a great fold up bench seat for less than $10.00 at our local discount store. Yesterday I had the brilliant idea of picking one up on our way to get Biggie from karate. It wasn't until we had paid for it that I realised it would not fit in the front bike basket. Poor Biggie, it's bad enough that his mum is "different", she also has to show up with huge packages balanced precariously across the bike handle bars!

This evening we had an incident with our neighbours. Biggie rushed inside to tell me that Little Guy had thrown a rock at one of the kids next door. When I went to investigate both of the neighbour boys looked tearful and shell-shocked. I found Little Guy hiding under his bed. I felt it was necessary to make a visit to the kid's mum to apologise and make sure the boy was OK. He was alright, thankfully, but I don't think they will want to play with us anymore. I hope Little Guy realises the seriousness of his actions now.

Last night at Master's Swimming we practised diving for racing starts. The big Masters' Carnival is in two weeks time. I'm not going but the rest of the group is really excited. It's been fun training for it. Maybe next year I will be less busy on weekends and be able to compete.

Tomorrow, TGI Friday! We have no plans or commitments until 4pm when our groceries will be delivered. Have a good one.

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  1. :( throwing stones seems to be a normal part of childhood - I guess it's not until we are older that we realise the seriousness of it. I love your new header btw :D


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