Redefining gender stereotypes?

Recently my friend Jodi at Chocolate + Chilli was wondering whether PINK could be a hot colour for boys. I knew in my heart at that moment that I would buy this cool t shirt for Little Guy. I fell in love with it when I first came across klt:works. This bright fuchsia pink is one of my personal favourite colours.

Now I will be honest, Little Guy didn't love it when it arrived. "That's nice but it's for girls! I like blue, green, orange and black" he told me.

Once I had washed it and laid out his outfit for the day he decided he'd give it a go. I thought he looked gorgeous. And not girly at all - not that there is anything wrong with that.

I think we will be seeing a lot of pink for boys in the coming season. Are you game?


  1. I don't wear pink myself - looks terrible on me - so I probably won't be dressing my boys in it either. Other than that I guess I don't really have an issue with it on boys!

  2. My son's favourite colour is pink. Trying to find some nice pink but boyish accents for his bedroom right now. It's hard! You did great choosing Little Guy's shirt.

  3. Thanks you two!

    Jen - how about these elephants from StickyTiki? I have some if you'd like a sample to test on your new wallpaper or ask Kim to send you a sample.

  4. Elijah has worn pink in the past and has another pink tshirt to grow into - I love it especially on darker skin

  5. He looks great in it! Thanks for posting! Sayer's favorite color is hot pink right now (which is why I made the hot pink owl tee). He has some hot pink matchbox cars too. :)

  6. Really cute and not girly at all indeed! :)


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