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How's your geography? Mr. Mee a Bee is away on business this week in Bangladesh. I'll admit I wasn't entirely sure where Bangladesh was.

I looked at my cool Modern World Map by These Are Things (who by the way have three new maps in-store!!) but Bangladesh is not one of the featured countries. (It's a streamlined version).

My babysitter wasn't sure where Bangladesh is either so we looked it up in the atlas. When Biggie got home from school I told him I had found Bangladesh and he should look it up. He did it two minutes which was faster than me! He knows all about indexes, alphabetical order and grid references. Impressive huh!

We have several atlases, kids ones like My First Atlas, and one that is already out of date but is an adult one. Biggie also owns four Japanese language dictionaries and two English language ones. I have a French dictionary, a few English ones and I also love the Thesaurus. We love reference books.

I think an atlas makes a great gift for a couple who have just bought their first home or for a child just starting school. Even if it seems a little odd at the time these sorts of books are expensive but ultimately an investment. I especially think that children of the upcoming generation will lose the skill of looking things up since that probably already translates to Google It in their impressionable minds.

The bag: a Mee a Bee educational resource, flags of the world.

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  1. HI Jacqui - love this bag! I know my son (and by that I me me of course!) would love one. At 10 months I don't think he's quite ready yet to carry his own accessories yet! Came across your shop/blog last week - very inspirational. Congratulations on the business and thanks for sharing your story. V xx


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