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Mee a Bee is now in its third year of operation. I have learned so much. I'd like to bring a few resources to your attention, for those of you just starting out blogging or selling your handmade goods online.

Photos: a picture is worth a thousand words. You only get one chance to make a lasting impression on visitors to your website. I struggle with this myself but I am trying. Here are some things I have been doing.

For clothing or accessories some of the pictures should be on live models. This helps the buyer visualise the size/dimensions of the item as well as potential applications.

Even bags have multiple uses as seen here in Sayer's room (the muse of klt:works). Sayer's Mee a Bee robot bag mainly lives in his room as a decorative element.

photo credit: klt:works
Sayer's room is just awesome, if you haven't seen it you must take a look.

I use a cheap point & shoot camera which I am trying to master. I subscribe to Digital Photography Tips for help in this area.

I take my white background photos in natural light on a large piece of flexible plastic that I bought at the hardware shop. I set my camera to delay 10 seconds, pop it on a box (like a tripod) then hold a mirror on one side of the bag to reflect the light. They come out OK but I still edit them a lot.

I upload all of my photos to Flickr online photo storage where I edit them using Picnik online software. I do not own any fancy programs but I do have "pro" accounts for both which I pay for yearly - this allows me greater storage capability and more control over the editing functions. Both are well worth the investment. Also Picnik is linked to Flickr so you only have to sign in once.

Another favourite website is BigHugeLabs, I use this to make mosaic collages of my photos and also to get high resolution photos (for printing). I pay a yearly fee for this too but most of the applications are free.

I hope this helps!


  1. Great tips and very timely for me as I try to get clothing photographed for my etsy shop, which I will get stocked someday... (sigh)

  2. Thanks for sharing those tips - photographing items is one of the things I struggle with (you've probably noticed that) but I'm also due a new camera - it'll be a point and shoot though, I don't think I could master anything higher!

  3. yes this info is great! I was just discussing these things with my husband over dinner time as I would love to have the option to edit some of my photos

  4. great information! i always seem to have inconsistent luck with my pictures...this definitely helps!


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