Road Trippin'

I'm in holiday mode, can you tell? Wasting hours doing things I don't normally have time to do like making treasuries. Have you tried Treasury East (Etsy sellers?). You can curate your own treasury any time. Mine is inspired by a new bag I added to the shop a few days ago: Road Trip.

Little Guy joined us on a road trip for the first time last summer in New Zealand. He did really well as long as I timed each leg of the journey to no more than a couple of hours driving.

Biggie and I have done lots of small road trips over the years, often with my dad. We LOVE them. Dad and I particularly like going to coffee lounges and tea rooms (vs cafes). A good old-fashioned sausage roll or the world's best meat pie is normally Dad's favourite while I cannot walk past the fresh whipped cream on a chocolate lamington. Biggie loves petrol stations. I am not sure why? Last time I think it was because I let them buy whatever they wanted at each stop (lollies and chocolate most likely).

I'm looking forward to doing a bit more exploring in our local area this summer. I am collecting maps and gathering info on interesting spots to visit. It won't be as much fun with just the three of us but we will no doubt have some laughs.

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