Camping Update - BBQ test-run

Camping is looking a bit glamorous again! Here are Mr and Biggie giving our new BBQ a test-run. Its gorgeous red cover looks fantastic with the plates and BBQ tools I got at Ikea. Doesn't Mr. Mee a Bee look right at home in his kiwi apron?

Our BBQ is the Coleman Road Trip Grill. I decided that a gas BBQ would be the best option for us to save camping arguments. I tend to lose my cool when things get stressful. I could see us having a huge fight over the lighting of a charcoal one. Mr. Mee a Bee agreed with me - that I would definitely be screaming at all three of them within moments (things you learn after fourteen years together). That may still happen when we have to pitch the tent together :)

We have a whole set of melamine plates and platters from Ikea.


  1. Love the BBQ - looks very snazzy! So cold and wet here... wish we had BBQ weather!

  2. Hi there.

    Looks great!

    I just bought a tent. I too am looking forward to trying it out.



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