Catching up with Chatty Cafe

It's been a while since I mentioned Chatty Cafe (my conversation class). It's ticking along great with about twenty regular participants. That's just the right number to give me about four classes a month.

Today one of the Chatters brought along some Chinese tea. It looked like a bulb but when I added boiling water it expanded into this flower. Isn't it pretty? It was a very light blend Jasmine tea which ordinarily  wouldn't choose but I have to say it was rather tasty.

My muffins - Crunchy Oat and Cinnamon muffins from a Nestle recipe out of a magazine.
My table runner - home made (of course). It was a gift for someone that didn't pass my stringent quality control tests - when I found it in the cupboard yesterday I couldn't believe I had thought it not worthy, it's lovely and now I cannot even see what I thought was wrong with it.

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  1. the tea is awesome!!

    and i am chuckling over the table runner. perhaps you secretly wanted it for yourself but your honesty made you lie to yourself! does that make sense?? you just put it away until you could get it out and see how great it was/is again.


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