A day in my sunny town

Wondering where I am? I'll tell you I am so exhausted each day that I have been going to bed early - that's unheard of for me. It's suddenly really muggy which wears you out.

This is what a lot of my days look like. I took these pictures today while we cycled in the 30 degree heat (with 80% humidty).

L to R -  the Ferris wheel at Seacle Mall;
Bike parking under the stairs at the train station
L to R - Osaka University, I think it's the veterinary school;
On the boardwalk by the sea.

We pass the police training college as well, where they train the riot police. Little Guy is keeping track of how many waves he gets from the duty guard.

Next we pass the fire station. Today we stood across the road for ages watching the firemen training. Unfortunately it was coming to an end so we didn't see much but Little Guy kept saying "Just a bit longer".

Our area is so much fun for little boys. And can you believe how much green and open space we have?


  1. Beautiful children and blog!

  2. Can I swap some of your heat wave for some ice? It's freezing here and we all have cabin fever.


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