EUROPE!! Mee a Bee is now in Europe.

I just popped in to check my email then of course got distracted by some gorgeous blogs. On one of them I saw an ad for my NEW STOCKIST. I had to click and was so happy to see Mee a Bee in the front page line up!

I really can't believe that a) I made that bag and b) I took that photo!

Biggie walked past and said "Yea Yea, one of your bags" in a very disinterested voice. Then when I said "It's not my website you know!" he got really excited! (He's not huge fan of Mee a Bee ballet bags).

Let me tell you about Shak-Shuka. It's a family-run business based in The Netherlands. The whole family are expats like me. An American, a Spanish Argentinian and even their dog is Swiss-Dutch!

Shak-Shuka is all about making eco-friendly choices. Mee a Bee bags fit the bill since I make every effort to use fabrics that are Oeko-Tex certified, not using harmful inks and dyes in their manufacturing and made from natural materials like cotton and linen. I buy all my fabrics locally which lowers the impact on the environment too.

I love Shak-Shuka's shipping policy. Worldwide shipping is offered at a flat-rate and you may even qualify for free delivery. Everything is sent by an eco-conscious shipping service.

My pick from Shak-Shuka is this beautiful Purple Frill Blouse by Mini Rodini. I think this outfit would be perfect with the Ballerina Messenger Bag.


  1. that is so awesome jacqui!! i am so proud of you!!!

  2. we (and our customers) are already in love with Mee A Bee - what's not to love?!!!! thank you for bringing your bit of fabulousness to our store!

  3. Well done Jac with going global. Us kiwi's love your bags as you know so I have no doubt you will be a HUGE success!! Kim x

  4. Thank you! and thanks Joslyn (Shak-Shuka's owner) for being a fabulous site for my creations.

  5. What an exciting news! Congratulations! You're always stepping forward! It's inspiring to me as well.

  6. Oh Go!!!! Yay for you lovely lady... You know how much of a fan I (we) are.... what a gorgeous bag, gorgeous image and gorgeous new stockist site. You must be so proud!

  7. Well done Jacqui! You are amazing - and so are those little bags of yours.

  8. Your bags are groovy! And your interview over at Li'l was awesome.


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