An exclusive feature on Paper n Stitch blog!

Of course I love being featured and am grateful to those generous people who love my work and want to share it. But the thing I love most is seeing which bags and photos the person chooses. This particular photo is of the inside of the Nautical Bag. It was taken by Nykie (Mistral Photography) while we were in New Zealand in December. It's a gorgeous shot.

Thanks Brittni of paper n stitch for the lovely surprise feature! Here's my favourite quote from the article: "Because let’s face it, if your kids aren’t carrying around their own stuff, then you are. Right?" 


  1. Great feature, Jacqui! I'm exibiting with Paper n Stitch at the end of the month. Very exciting! You're right, it's great to see what images others choose. It's nice to get a fresh pair of eyes as you often feel like you've seen your images a million times!

    V xx

  2. Thanks you two!

    Vari, you will fit right in on pns, it's lovely and Brittni is super to work with. I get a steady amount of clicks through to my Etsy site but I also benefit greatly from being associated with such a cool website. I think it is very worthwhile.


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