Shhhhh, he's sleeping

A few minutes ago I was on Twitter bemoaning the fact that Little Guy won't take naps any more. Then I noticed things had gotten awfully quiet in his room.

Here's what I found - the room is trashed - little books and little cars everywhere - but the lovely little boy has crashed with his beloved Mee a Bee bag on, awwww!

Of course for safety kids should not sleep with things around their necks so I have taken it off him :)

This is his bag.


  1. Hi I just found you via KMB and then I headed over and I have my fingers crossed I win one of your AWESOME bags. I spent 2 weeks in the Fukushima prefecture a few years ago and LOVED it. My hubby and I have dreams of one day living in Japan for a year or so with our little men. Thrilled to have found you. Glad your little one is finally sleeping!

  2. hehe that is so sweet, great advertising for the bag too!!

  3. Jacqui, Poppy hasn't had a day sleep for almost a year but maybe a little 'tweet' might do the trick for me too!

  4. Oh, sooooo cute! I must admit I winced when I read your tweet. The thought of no day sleep from the Bebito makes me want to cry! :)

  5. oh thanks! he was so hard to wake up but I couldn't let him sleep too long otherwise he is up all night, you know how it is!


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