First swim of the season

It's about 29 degrees Celsius (85F) here right now so it's pool season!

This morning while Biggie was out at his club I set Little Guy to work pumping up the pool. We have six pumps would you believe, goodness knows where they all came from. The battery operated one was best although a bit slow.

During lunch I told the kids we would have a nap and then at three o'clock they'd have a swim. Three o'clock came and went and neither of them could be roused. Now it's past four, quite windy and cooling down but they're loving it. Smart mum, I set up the paddling pool on the deck so I can see them from my computer and am well clear of errant splashes.

In case you're wondering why they are wearing swimming caps? They both love wearing goggles anytime they are near water but they really pinch their hair. Couple of characters those two.

Hot weather for me means headaches. I simply must remember to drink enough water.


  1. I am sure you feel the same when we are having summer here.....I am so jealous! I know we are just going into winter here, but I am such a summer girl.

    the little ones are having a great time, nice caps!

  2. hehehe real fashion statement Hayley!

    winter doesn't last long where you are so don't worry, will soon be hot again.


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