Funny School Schedules

Today, Monday, Biggie has a day off from school. As is the case every year the school has a Sunday observation day, where parents can go and watch their little pride and joy in class. It's on a Sunday so that dads and those who work have a chance to go. Biggie was at school for two hours but has the whole day off today.

It's lovely having a weekday with him at home. This morning the boys played with their Lego, built a sofa-cushion-castle and watched a movie before we took off to get Biggie a haircut. Even on a Monday we had to wait almost an hour at the $10 place but Biggie loves his new "buzz cut" and I think he looks great.

We splurged on lunch in an Italian restaurant where we were given such excellent service I must keep it on my list of places to take them again. There was a special kid's menu that included a little toy. While we were waiting for our orders to arrive the kids were entertained with colouring pages and a pencil case of coloured pencils. Even though it was really busy everything came in good time and we enjoyed our food immensely.

Now we're back and it's glorious sunny weather so they are in the paddling pool with their water guns - the chosen toy from the restaurant. Time for me to take it easy!

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