Hooked - Twilight

I had it written on my calendar that Twilight would be on television. I was really glad when Mr. Mee a Bee told me he'd be away on business as that meant I wouldn't have to wrestle him to the floor to change the channel.

I am way behind I know but I have just been riveted by the first Twilight movie. NOW I see what all the fuss is about. I just couldn't get enough of the amazing cinematography, the compelling characters and story. Wow! I am totally thinking about buying this one pictured, New Moon?

It's been a full-on week and I am really behind with my blog, sorry.

Wednesday and Thursday saw us fabric shopping in the morning. We drove to a new one successfully, managing the navigating and parking perfectly. Watch out soon for the sneak peek of what we got.

Today we munched our way through a delicious Passion Fruit sponge at Chatty Cafe.

Don't fret, I have exercised! Cycled to the beach on Tuesday with Little Guy on the back. Cycled to aquarobics Tuesday night. Cycled to pick up Biggie from karate and later to Masters on Wednesday. Swam for 70 minutes!! And today, cycled to Biggie's club to retrieve his forgotten notebook - at high speed since it was raining.

More of the same over the weekend, and hopefully I will have some sewing to show you.


  1. I still haven't read or seen anything Twilight!

  2. I was sceptical Kelly but it really was great. I was pretty surprised how it pulled me in, really from the opening scenes.

  3. Jacqui, you have got to read the books! If you loved the movie you will love, love, love the books!!
    I am actually off to NZ on Thurs to see Eclipse with a whole group of Twilight Mums.

  4. Oh I am so jealous! I rented the movie this morning and somehow managed to watch it twice today (Little one had a big nap, Big one had tons of homework) AND I just watched the second one just now. Wish I could come to NZ with you!!!

  5. I am embarassed to admit that I made JP get all 4 Twilight books out of his school library for me to read! And, bless him, he did! I have seen the first movie, and was a bit disappointed actually... but still expect I'll rent the others when I get around to it!

  6. I rushed into the video shop on Saturday morning and rented both the first and the second movies. The second one was not very good since Edward was not actually in it. I didn't like the moody depressed Bella and I did not like the wolves. Now I am waiting for Eclipse. Might have to check out the books!!!

  7. Hi Jac

    I have all four of the books. Bjorg gave me one for xmas & I thought it was for teenagers. But the books are really good, much better than the movies I reckon. The third movie starts today, Andrew didn't sound that keen but could probably be convinced. I wonder how much it would cost to post the books. I have the first twilight movie, you can have it if you want.



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