Sydney here I come!

If you're a stationery freak like I am then you would be in seventh heaven if you could spend a day in this shop, Pulp Creative Paper, in Manly, Sydney.

Looking at this gorgeous array of beautiful papers all hand-picked by owners Tracey Martin and Nicky Crowley one might imagine that they live surrounded by fabulousness. And you'd be right, take a look at Nicky's home on Design Sponge. Pure Envy.

Spend a moment thinking about how these two creative geniuses might expand their retail empire. Imagine a cosy emporium of vintage finds, fabric to love, wall stickers, frames, furniture and pot plants. You've found yourself transported to the era of your childhood, the 70s are cool again! You're in Pulp Life. Take a look yourself at the new store via the Little Pinwheel blog or via Kristin's website.

If you received an email from none other than Nicky herself proclaiming love for your products you'd jump at the chance to be involved, right? And that I did:

Mee a Bee is now stocked
at Pulp Life.
Manly, Sydney, Australia.

If you live in Sydney then pop in! 
185 Pittwater Road, Manly


  1. I went today to buy myself a birthday present and there were your bags! Keely actually chose my pressie and I left the shop while she had it all wrapped up. I cannot wait to show you the image I took of them!

    Well done Jacqui, they look right at home xx

  2. I will do just that pop in and check it out Well Done!!!

  3. Congratulations Jacqui. I'll have to make my way over there to check them out.


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