Shoes, Shoes, Shopping for Kid's Shoes

I took the kids shoe shopping a few weeks ago. Biggie was easy to please but Little Guy had his heart set on the ugliest pair of shoes you have ever seen. They were the brightest fire engine red with huge headlights, stripes and Tomica logos all over them. Thank goodness they were too big. We finally managed to get him into a pair of silver/gray sandals by convincing him that the writing said "Star Wars". Since we'd been looking at the Star Wars collection at the Lego shop he was quite happy with this compromise. Why is shopping for shoes such a nightmare?

I came across this beautiful shop the other day which makes shoes by hand. Ethically made shoes from England. Made with vegan leather if you like. For boys and girls. Oh and mums!!

My pick of the day: greenshoes


  1. It is a nightmare buying shoes for ever-growing feet! I let Chai choose the ones she really likes, otherwise she won't wear them. Lucky her taste is not too bad.
    In Melbourne (Collingwood) there is a store called Vegan wears and they hand make shoes too. I have a lovely pair of girlie shoes from them. They don't use leather. Pretty special.
    I'm glad you navigated successfully through Little Guy's shoe choice! Well done on creative thinking!!

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  3. I love going shoe shopping, alone...that is.
    Miss Maddy has her mothers fetish for nice shoes and it costs me a fortune, while master 2, just throws them aside and I have lost one of a pair over time. I've come to buying shoes that suit both girl or boy! till both get to a stage they can rationally chose for themselves....I think their maybe a war of the shoes

  4. I love buying kids shoes, they are so pretty these days, shoes that ones I could only dream on my youth is actually produced today.

    Anyway, thank you so much for the nice comment on my blog, though I'm pretty sure the boys wouldn't go gaga over the printable. ^^

  5. It's a happy nightmare, though! What a sweet story for shopping.


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