Summer Camp!

Lake Biwa
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I know in North America summer camps are a rite of passage or at least that's how they seem in books and movies. I've always thought it would have been huge fun to spend the summer away at the same camp every year. Was it?

Biggie will be experiencing his first camp this August. I've signed him up at a camp for watersports on this lake pictured. It will be the longest he's ever been away from us at five days and four nights. I feel terrified and excited at the same time and I know he feels the same way.

I went to camp once when I was thirteen. It was a week or two in the woods, near a river. I have no idea where exactly. It was during the winter holidays as far as I can recall. I have some great memories of it. A few years later I spent a week sailing and camping on the islands dotted around the Hauraki Gulf. That was an amazing trip.

I was also a Girl Guide until I was about fourteen so went on lots of weekend camps with the group. I was quite adventurous and outdoorsy as a girl. And I still observe the motto "Be Prepared".

My mother probably remembers my terrible homesickness most. I can't remember being homesick at camp but I do recall that I wasn't really able to spend the night at my best friend's homes. Mum was usually called at some point after dinner because I wouldn't stop crying.

I do hope Biggie will be OK.

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