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This evening Mr. Mee a Bee and I watched Julie and Julia on DVD. I had already seen most of it, but on the plane, with a terrible headset and two kids talking to me every two minutes. So it was lovely to watch again on the bigger screen.

I loved the way Julia Child's husband Paul was depicted as a tireless supporter of Julia as she spent almost a decade writing her now-famous cookbook. Every entrepreneur needs someone to spur them along.

Have you ever wondered how Mr. Mee a Bee feels about my work? I'm happy to say he is just like Paul Child and incredibly supportive.

He hardly ever complains about the threads all over the carpet, the piles of fabric that have taken over our laundry or the fact that I expect him to entertain the kids for most of every Sunday. What's more, he seems genuinely interested in new bags or fabrics, funny emails I get or great coverage received.

What does Mr. Mee a Bee do? He's a belt guy. You can find his company's belts in many major department stores across the country. He works really hard at his job and is good at what he does. It makes me proud to see his belts hanging in the stores or on websites like this one (where I nicked the picture from).

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