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This month for Oh My! Handmade Goodness I have written about hiring a graphic designer (the wonderful Chieco Tanabe in my case) and what you might expect from the process. Those in business may find it of interest.

Otherwise take a peek at the rest of the site, we're under new management and I like it! Jessika Hepburn is our new editor-in-chief. Her first couple of posts will show you what an amazing person she is.

The founder of OMHG, Sara Tams, has decided to stay on as a monthly contributor which I am really happy about as well. OMHG is such a great resource!!


  1. I love this blog and this is such a great article Jacqui, thanks! I agree whole heartedly about leaving it to the professionals while staying in your own personal budget.

  2. OMHG - just made my first encounter, and need to have a good look around! Great site!

  3. Great article Jac! Very impressed!


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