Green and Navy = inspired colour palette

{1} Country Road Apple Top {2} Cute toddler construction messenger bag made by Mee a Bee 

Mina over at Chic Mother and Baby has pulled together a fantastic collection of things for ... well chic mothers and babies ... in navy and emerald green. It looks amazing. Of course I am happy to see a Mee a Bee bag in the lineup.

I just love the vest. My Little Guy had something very similar when he was a baby. Vests are a really handy addition to the wardrobe.

How do you feel about hats with ears? They're not normally a favourite of mine but I think the combination of this green and the chunky cable knit is perfect.

Thanks again Mina.


  1. What a great collection.

    My Mr is so dead-set against hats with ears that I feel like buying one just to peeve him on purpose! :) I don't mind either way and think that one in your pic is cute.

    The Bebito has a black and grey vest pretty much exactly like that one too. :)

  2. yes, ears - not so cool in my opinion but little bumps like these are cool.


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