Little Guy's 4th birthday

It's over! Our three days of celebrations. Little Guy's birthday was last Friday. We didn't do much that day since it was a work day for most people. Still the birthday was mentioned many times and Little Guy received three phone calls - his first ones ever!

Sunday was the day we had declared as THE DAY. The boys woke up early and drove into the city to pick up their grandparents who then took them to the toy shop. Little Guy was allowed to choose whatever he wanted. At their encouragement he got a little trampoline. An indoor one. It's pretty cool.

I stayed home and baked cupcakes, pumped up the pool, blew up balloons and strung up decorations. By the time I got back from the gym they were just about home for the SURPRISE. Although Little Guy was with us when we bought the pool he didn't really seem to click that we had a huge pool coming for his pool party. He was rapt! Thanks to all of my NZ and Australian relatives for chipping in for this great present.

Unfortunately it was much too hot to lay out the party food and after moving once into the breeze we eventually retreated inside for the cake and desserts.

The cake was bought by Little Guy's grandmother, something she likes to do. It was very delicious.

I am thrilled with my cupcakes. When I posted earlier in the year about dissatisfying cupcake results Leoni from Twiggi got in touch to tell me about some great solutions they have. I confess to going a bit overboard and ordered several packets of cupcake cases, balloons, candles and other decorations but it is all so gorgeous.

LOOK at my cupcakes though!!!! Picture perfect! No fading or discolouring of the paper cases. They are these ones by Paper Eskimo. I also got the little flags there.

All of my other decorations were lovely too. We had our Happy Birthday banner from Bonne Nouvelle (that I got last year). I also had my beautiful banners from Festoon Bunting and Giggleberry.

One last note about the cupcakes. I asked my aunty to grab me the latest copy of Donna Hay Kids. The cupcake recipe in there is quite simply the BEST cupcake recipe I have ever tried. Truly easy and SO delicious. They have a wonderful dense texture but are still light. The magazine is breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you Shayne.

So thanks everyone for your birthday wishes, presents and cards. My little boy is four! Half his brother's age!


  1. Oh YAY! I'm so pleased it was a lovely day for your Little Guy. The cupcakes look so divine, as do the decorations. What a clever Mum! :) xo

  2. Oh, happy birthday to your little guy! Everything looks fantastic! Your boys are lucky to have a mom like you. (I haven't forgotten about the project- just got swamped) ;)

  3. Happy Birthday! and can no longer be classed as a toddler, looks like a great day :o)

  4. It all looks wonderful. I tend to get a little carried away as well but the children just love their parties and the excitement so much. It is a long family tradition at our house (well my childhood house as well) to have big parties and I love the memories. Happy birthday to your big little boy. Lou.

  5. Those cupcakes look AMAZING!!! Happy Birthday to T. Can't believe he is 4 already, the years are just flying by as I remember very vividly when you announced that you were pregnant with him!! The pool looks like alot of fun as well, Joey will be jealous when I show him the pics!

  6. I'm so glad that he had such a wonderful birthday! They are so cute! The cupcakes look great!

  7. Thanks for sharing Jacqui! I love all the blues and decor and food! Way to go!!!


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