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I'm a huge fan of printed tees ... I buy them for the whole family! I am so pleased to see so many talented designers printing their own t shirts or adding funky applique. It makes it so much easier to avoid the mass-retailers. July is a fantastic month on Kid Independent, I will let them take it away:


The t-shirt has long been a valiant form of self-expression for chic little folk with oodles of personality. Whether it be cute and quirky, kitsch or cool, or wild and witty, there's a t-shirt design out there that speaks to your little one's style.

So besotted with the humble t-shirt are we, that we've decided to take you on a World T-shirt Tour. Kicking off in Sydney, Australia and trekking through New Zealand, the USA {stopping for a spot of surfing in Hawaii}, on to Canada, and across to the UK... meeting a new indie designer at every port and collecting one of their coolest tees.

The fun starts on 1 July, 2010 and runs for thirty-one fun filled days. Each Thursday during July we will introduce you to a new bunch of independent designers. You'll have the opportunity to check out their fly designs and also the chance to win a t-shirt from their current collection... that's thirty-one indie designers, thirty-one fun-filled days and thirty-one free t-shirts! Yee Gads, that's exciting!

A final note...
So as not to stifle your creative energies, we'd also like to highlight a few other fun forms of self-expression. These include creating finger-paint hallway art, throwing monumental tantrums, decorating the bathroom with your mother's makeup, rearranging your dolls heads onto GI-Joe bodies and painting texta tattoos on your younger siblings...

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out guys... hope you'll all drop by and visit us for all the fun! :}


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