Summer Hols

It's FINALLY the first day of the summer holidays!! Yaye!! We have six weeks or thereabouts of holidays with Biggie home! Our Rainy Season has finally ended and it's plain sailing into the heat from here. In the US they're already talking "Back to School" and discussing summer coming to a close but we're in full swing here.

We'll have hot weather for a good few months although summer will end officially once school returns in September - that means public swimming pools will close and the beach will be off-limits again. Sigh.

We have one last Chatty Cafe to do today (I'm baking scones in a minute) then it's all over for the term. Our end of term party will be on August 7th and I am thinking Mexican for some reason. Perhaps some Margaritas will get the ladies loosened up. Si SeƱorita!

Biggie is booked solid these holidays with his summer camp at the lake for a week later in August. He also has two weeks of morning tutoring and a ton of homework to complete for school.

Little Guy has big plans for this weekend. It's his BIRTHDAY on Friday - he will finally be four. More on that later.

Mr. Mee a Bee and I are planning our next camping trip. We're hoping to squeeze in a weekend in September.

Mee a Bee is quite busy this summer with Back to School bags and the preparations continue for Christmas. I am going to try to take it easy though and take time to smell the roses with the kids.

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