We're off camping

It's been a really strange week weather-wise. For the first four days of the week we had really heavy rain. In fact school was closed on Wednesday with a storm warning.

Today it finally cleared up. It was hot and sticky all morning then I heard the tell-tale sounds of thunder. While I quickly grabbed in my washing I was stunned to see lightning in the sun-filled sky. Have you ever seen that? It was weird and kind of frightening. Pretty soon the black clouds rushed over and it turned into a huge thunderstorm that took the power out for a second.

Our living room is full of camping gear. We will be heading out tomorrow afternoon for what will hopefully be a restful yet fun time (with no rain).

Have a good weekend!

PS. while I am gone I won't be blogging (unless from my phone) nor will I be answering emails. My shop will remain open and orders will be mailed on Tuesday - Monday is a public holiday.
There are some $25 specials you might like to check out.

Keep an eye on this weather widget which updates itself - for the area where I will be camping.

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  1. gee, looks like you have some good weather.

    I have your perot love coffee mug, it has a little bit off the top but it's not that noticable. I can keep it for you if you want.



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