What we really do all day

It's rainy season = hot. muggy. cloudy. rainy.
It makes it hard to do anything much.

Luckily the boys LOVE their Lego. The little one is a huge fan too and is quite adept at clicking the pieces together now. Here's what happens when Mummy gets roped in as well. You get a restaurant and a fairground with a carousel (which actually spins!). Little Guy's touches include the skull sign, spiderweb flag and pirates chatting to each other.

All in a day's work.


  1. I can't wait for the day my boys get really fancy with their toys ie play for a long time and get involved making up stories etc. My little one is still in the wreck everything stage so it doesn't work for very long yet.

    A very impressive set up you have there! Lou.

  2. So much fun! We don't have any legos! I don't know how that happened...

  3. Jenny!!! no Lego??? wow, Biggie has had Lego for every birthday since his first. He has ALL the catalogues and instruction manuals, he belongs to the club ... we're slightly obsessed. We have so many sets!

    Lou, our little one has really just started to switch onto it but we have all had to relax when he broke our creations. He still loves pulling the heads and arms off!! And he chats to them all the time. (he's a couple of weeks off four years old).

  4. Hooray for quiet toys...and air conditioning!


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