A day up the mountain with Jo and Co.

Little Guy and Ebi-Kun
We spent a most wonderful day today up the mountain with Jo and her family (of A Bit of This and a Bit of That). It was cool - cool fun and cool with no hot sun or humidity.

Our visit was cut short as poor Jo became the hapless victim of a nasty horsefly. It was relentless, biting her several times right through her clothes. It was quite frightening as the bites were extremely painful and we actually had no idea what it even was at the time. I have never seen a horsefly before in my life.

Biggie also got bitten once and I caught him drinking the (who-knows-how-clean) river water ... I am sitting here feeling quite paranoid that he is going to come down with something just two days before he heads off to summer camp. Fingers crossed he is alright.

Our get-together has that annual feel to it. Click here to read what we got up to last August.

Thanks Jo and co. for a great day despite our spot of bother. See you next year!


  1. YIKES!! Those horseflies can be relentless! I hope she's okay... and your little guy too!

  2. Thanks Jenny! horrid things. I am off to check on Biggie now (he's asleep so I guess that is a good sign).

  3. thank you for a great day, I am glad you posted a picture of the boys and not one of me doing the horsefly dance, the bites are itchy when I get in the bath and have blisters on them but apart from that I will live :o) DH wanted to know what we were talking about and how we could talk non stop for such a long time lol. Looking forward to seeing you all again next year!

  4. oh dear Jo. Luckily it seems Noah was not bitten, it just brushed against him.

    We could have chatted for a week solid I am sure.
    I asked Mr. Mee what he and your DH chatted about as well :) LOL

    See you next year!


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