Hazelnuts - a happy customer!

The other day I got a lovely email from a blog friend who shares my name and lives in my home city. Her daughter is starting school this month and needed a bag. She'd fallen in love with the little dog bag that I have in my store but it was too small. Luckily I happened to have a slightly larger one in my cupboard.

Read more about how the gift was received on Jacqui's blog: Hazelnuts.

And happy birthday Hazel! off to school, yaye!!


  1. I love Jacqui's blog! What a great bag too!

  2. Yay indeed! I'll have to try and get you a photo of Hazel actually using the bag, it's much cuter than it just hanging on the door :) Thanks again for the great bag! I know the fabric and all is very cute but the feature I like the most is the way you placed the velcro - it's such a mundane thing but you've obviously put a lot of thought into it and the placement is so exact! Perhaps that's a detail only another sewer would notice but I'm impressed.

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