It's hot and we're feeling very mellow

Yesterday Biggie was dropped off at the train station by his dad and Little Guy. He's set sail for summer camp! He was a bit quiet in the car, they said, but I am sure he's having a ball. We haven't received any worrying phone calls anyway.

Last night I dropped Mr. Mee a Bee off at the train station whereupon he took to the skies on another business trip. He's in India and Bangladesh again.

Sooooooooo, that just leaves Little Guy and I at home. It is so quiet and relaxing. But incredibly hot. Yesterday afternoon I had a dip in the big paddling pool. It was that hot. I moved it away from the view of my neighbour's living room and parked my car so the driveway was blocked. I love swimming but even after a year of going to the gym my legs are not swimsuit worthy.

We just got back from the supermarket where we treated ourselves to a weeks worth of junkfood. We'll be having pizza and instant noodles, cooking only if absolutely necessary while the other two are away. Fun!

We invited our elderly neighbour to come along for the ride. She's well into her 70s and still rides her bicycle to the supermarket several times a week. It's over 35 degrees all through this week which is way too hot to be out in when you're old or young. She was most grateful. It was quite nice to have a chat on the way for me too.

keep cool!


  1. Take a rest while two guys are away. Housewives need a few days off, right? It's scorching hot in Nagoya, too.

  2. I wish I were in Japan, I rather be sweating there then here! Enjoy your time to yourself.

  3. Camp time came around so quickly. I hope Biggie has an awesome time and that you have a lovely low key time with the Little man. xxx


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