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This morning we met our friend V for brunch at a local restaurant. That sounds fairly normal and routine right? Wrong! I can't remember the last time I went out for brunch. It was probably during my pre-kid days and it was almost certainly back in New Zealand. There aren't many cafes around where we live and brunch is probably a bit too laid back for most of the people I know. Mr. Mee a Bee is a very early-riser so he's already had breakfast by the time I wake up. He's also a bit rigid about times to eat. He likes to have lunch at 12 on the dot. How boring. I think brunch is something we need to bring back into our vocabulary. It was so lovely!

It's our last day of the "holiday" since we have to pick Biggie up tomorrow. We're really having a very nice time. Lots of swims in our paddling pool, lots of lying about and reading, a bit of Discovery Channel and today brunch! No fighting or shouting. No stress over meals. Nobody is bored.

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  1. good for you Jacqui! enjoy! i love brunch too! xo (*o*)/


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