Little Science Experiment

Biggie asked for a piece of paper and told me he needed it for an experiment. When I asked what kind he told me he needed to do "some kind of experiment" for his school homework.


As it happened I had read about three simple experiments to do with water, ice and the sun in Little Guy's book.

I explained one to Biggie and he raced around to grab: a stop watch (or watch with a second hand) and two ice cubes, approximately the same size.

The experiment was to see which would melt faster, the ice in the shade or the ice in the sun. Initially the ice in the shade seemed to be melting faster which fooled Biggie into thinking this is what would happen. We discussed what he thought would happen as the basis for doing the experiment.

He spent about ten minutes doing the experiment and about ten writing it up, complete with a hypothesis and little diagrams. I thought it was impressively formatted and am continually amazed by what young kids are really capable of.


  1. Way to go Biggie! And you, you super cool Mum!

  2. Haha cool! Yeah I agree your a pretty cool mum!

    Thanks for sharing!



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