London Underground

London Underground Messenger Bag by Mee a Bee
And here it is, the latest in the collection for boys: London Underground.

I am so excited about this bag. It's a little one for preschoolers or up to about six years old.
It's made from a hard-wearing cotton canvas in a cool camel colour. The lining is a really modern take on hounds-tooth, it's like pixelated monkeys.

I also have the same fabric with red buses.

I did the "styling" myself for the photo by printing out an old London Underground map (off the internet) and cutting it up. It's attached to the board with Blu-Tak. It's very makeshift but I think it gives you the idea.

This bag will be part of the new set that will be in-store from next month. It's available for wholesale customers too.


  1. Gracious me Jacqui, you get cleverer all the time! I love this one.

  2. Oh, me oh my. I have to get some of that fabric! I can't wait to see it available online. I'd love to see the red busses one too.
    I lived in London for 2.5 years, easy to be romantic about it now, but it was a crazy place to live, and amazing, at the same time. Met my husband there too, so it was a good place to live :)

  3. thanks!! will be in the shop later this month or early next month.

    I've visited London a few times. I'd love to go back.

  4. Jac! Great fabric! This may even work for that bag we have been discussing!

  5. I really love this one! Nice work! :)


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