A look back at 70s fashion

70s girls
My friend Hayley announced this week that she's taken up the post of Fashion Editor for BKids. I'm incredibly excited for her. Hayley runs Little Pinwheel where she mainly stocks Australian labels. I love her sense of style. I hope this new position will give Hayley a chance to highlight some trends from the other side of the world as well (obviously her focus is on the current and upcoming trends for the Southern Hemisphere).

Hayley's "Old School" forecast got me thinking about my own childhood fashion adventures. My mother made most of our clothes and I have always thought we had the coolest outfits.

These two pictures are of my younger sister and I aged three and a half and two respectively. In the top picture we're both wearing tartan micro-minis and tights. Don't you love our t-bar shoes? And how about those bell-bottomed pants? I'm not sure when we stopped wearing matching outfits but I do have one picture here of us aged about 12 and 13 in very similar mum-made ensembles.

I chose these two pictures because you can see that I was a lover of bags. (Still am! bags!)


  1. Sounds very much like my childhood. My sister and I always wore handmade matching outfits.
    Love the pics.

  2. i still think those t-bar shoes are adorable!!! and i was born in the 80's lol...

  3. I love these pictures! It's so great that your way with bags started so early. I love that!

  4. I love it! my aunt use to send my sister and I matching outfits from the UK (she had 3 boys!) We've got some old pics somewhere...I should dig them out!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    A very funny thing happened, I told my sister that there would be a picture of her on my blog today. After she saw it she emailed me a picture of her own daughter dressed in an identical outfit (35 years on!)


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