Party Time for my Chatty Ladies

Chatty Cafe Summer '10
I have a wonderful and quite huge group of Chatty Cafe ladies now. I host Chatty Cafe (my informal English conversation class) about once or sometimes twice a week. I don't work over the summer for several reasons: the heat makes baking and housework unbearable and I like to spend time with the kids since Biggie is home. At the end of the "term" we have a party where all the groups get together. I love it! Yesterday I had about ten or eleven people here which is about a third of the entire class. It was lovely.

New couch cushions
On Friday afternoon I dragged out my old couch and quickly set about fixing up the cushions. The fabric had deteriorated to the point where I had thrown the cushion covers out. I had it covered with an old sheet in my office. Now I am quite pleased with my impromptu covers made with scraps from my box of miscellaneous fabrics. The centre piece is obviously from Ikea (sent to me by this lovely person) and the other two pieces are Momen no Kaori remnants I found ages ago. They're backed with linen. It looks so much better!

Mr. Mee a Bee is really happy we have two couches again in the living room - one each :) 

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