Summer Down Under - Blue, White and Red?

We're right in the thick of it here in the Northern Hemisphere but those south of the equator are longing for some summer sun. Summer fashions are trickling in to my favourite online stores. I saw a preview of SoSooki ( & SookiBaby) on BabyBites and just fell in love with the French-inspired red and white stripes that feature prominently in the range for girls. It's totally gorgeous.

I love red and am pretty keen on the nautical look too so when I saw this fantastic girly anchor printed fabric I had to get it. The white "stripes" are actually printed lace. Isn't it sweet?

I got this picture from the site I found it on, Cotton Plaza, a Japanese online fabric retailer.

The fabric is 70% cotton, 30% linen and is made in Japan.


  1. I think that fabric will be great. I have had a couple of orders for red and white and navy and white accessories to go with the summer clothes shops have ordered. I think they are really nice colour combos too. Looking forward to it. Lou.

  2. Thanks Jenny! Yes, thanks Lou, here's hoping we will both be busy!


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