Sweet Deer Messenger Bag - coming soon

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For the next few days Mr. Mee a Bee is on holiday. His annual summer vacation is a whopping four days - two of which are Saturday and Sunday. I shouldn't complain since he took the kids out today for most of the day and we are going out for dinner in a moment. Still it would be nice to have a decent break at least once a year.

What's a girl to do while the kids are out? I guess you know! The lighting isn't very good but you can see here the new Deer bag. It fits in perfectly with the woodland theme which seems so popular. I love the tiny mushrooms that you'd have to squint to see. It's here now.

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  1. oh dolly,
    these are some rather fancy snapshots!
    i enjoy gazing lovingly upon them!
    thanks for sharing!
    your blog is splendid! x x


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