Tea for two and a few

It's the school holidays which means the kids are bored. My friend (and babysitter) usually asks me to host a special English class for her two daughters and their visiting cousins when the holidays roll around.

Since I love baking and have been so inspired by the recent tea party trend I decided to try my hand at one myself.

I do have a lot of nice plates and tea cups that I have bought at school fairs and garage sales but nothing desperately cute. I had to go for the eclectic look (mix and match).

I quickly searched One Pretty Thing for 'labels' and found a cute sheet of various coloured ones to print out. I used them as place-tags. Japanese children don't normally use English alphabets to write their names so it was good practice for them to read their own names.

I found pretty printable teapots on DLTK and used the matching teacups to make a quick memory match game. I also found some other game ideas online. We played "teabag toss" - a team challenge to throw the teabag in the bowl.

The main activity was decorating the cupcakes. I am besotted with Donna Hay's cupcake recipe. It really is delicious and so easy. I made a simple vanilla icing/frosting and the girls decorated them with the lollies and chocolates you can see in my picture. Yum! Here's the chocolate variation from Donna Hay.

Now I want to talk about the tissue pom poms. Last week I decided I would make some for a photo shoot I want to do with my bags. I scrounged around and found a few sheets of tissue paper then followed the directions from Martha. Mine turned out OK so we set off to find some pretty tissue paper at the dollar shop. Imagine my delight when I found pre-folded tissue paper pom poms in five colours, in packs of 14, for 100 yen! I bought more than I needed ...

Also while I was at Martha I remembered the pretty butterfly template. I had a stash of scrapbooking paper that I had never used in my drawer so we took to it with the scissors.

So I had six visitors plus one of my kids for a fun-filled girly sweet morning. Biggie came home shortly after it was all over - probably relieved not to have had to eat his cupcake delicately with a cake fork.

Of course the tea party idea came to me just last night so it was a bit hard to think on my feet so quickly - where had I seen all those wonderful images? If you are up for some not-necessarily tea party inspiration then check out Sweet Paul and Eat Drink Chic.

PS. I am having a party this weekend for my Chatty Cafe ladies so please do post your links for fab decorating ideas. Thanks!


  1. Looks and sounds like a lot of fun!


  2. OK look at this amazing Alice party


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