Thinking cool thoughts: Ski NZ

I know it probably seems like I just got back from New Zealand but we are already looking ahead to our next trip. It'll be a year from now IF we can work out the logistics of it all. There's a lot to consider.

The first big obstacle to overcome is budgetary. A trip like this sets us back several thousand dollars once you factor in flights for three people, car rental, the odd hotel, any domestic flights, food and daily cost of living, excursions and of course shopping for necessary supplies to bring back to Japan. Last year I was hit with a massive dentist bill since I hadn't been to a dentist in over five years (shocking I know). Anyway, you need a lot of money!

The next consideration will be the dates we can even manage to get away. When I just had Biggie and he was little it was so easy to grab seats on special and nip away. Now we have to follow the school holiday schedule. Little Guy will be in kindergarten next year too so they'll both be restricted.

Biggie also has his extra-curricular activities that he doesn't like to miss and he is dead-set on returning to the summer camp next year.
Still I find myself hoping it will all go according to plan and we will be able to hit the slopes of Mt Ruapehu. Biggie and I could have skiing lessons while Little Guy could be deposited in the daycare for the day. Doesn't that sound amazing?

Take a look at what's happening this year on the mountain, it looks like so much fun!

Is this another one of my crazy plans? Single Mum takes kids skiing? Anyone keen on joining us? Send me your words of wisdom.

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  1. it is possible! we are off to the mountain next week, staying at a friend of friends place (go the spa!)- i will report back ...we should talk, mountain AND craft..i have an article coming up soon and want to ask you a few mee a bee questions...much love


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