The trip to pick up Biggie

Biggie is home, tanned and happy after "the best week in his life" at summer camp.

Yodobashi Camera Umeda
Little Guy and I trekked into the city to pick him up. I was pretty nervous about getting there so did a lot of research on the internet the night before. I calculated the journey time on the train and even found a place for lunch. We got an express train but it still took almost two hours to get to the pick up point.

Yodobashi Camera is a huge electronics mega store right next to the station. It has about eight floors and covers every kind of gadget imaginable. There is also a floor of restaurants so that's where we had lunch. About half the building is for other shops, like Uniqlo (clothing). Crafty types would love the bead shop. There isn't a material shop though.

Comme Ca

Back to school fashion is typically very reserved with a limited palette at Comme Ca Ism. Black and off white are their staple colours. Newspaper boy hats are making a strong appearance as well as Fedora hats for both genders. This mammoth shop spans several floors but I don't like it. It's too chic and intimidating. The displays are always so neat.

Biggie's suitcase was delivered home from the camp yesterday. I am doing his laundry today. It won't take long since it looks like he wore the same pair of underpants for five days.  Eewwwwww!!

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  1. I bet you're glad that he's back! A week away from Abby just kills me! The dirty laundry may take a bit if the shine off though... :-P


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