A truly marvellous collaboration

Don't you just love it when the planets align and great things result? Last year I "met" Kristin from klt:works when we were both exhibiting on Paper n Stitch. We both bookmarked each other's sites and Kristin snatched up one of the few Robot Messenger bags that I made.

Our lovely cupid Brittni, who runs Paper n Stitch, invited both of us to share a peek inside our homes with the readers of Bloesem Kids. Thank you Brittni for being such a force in the creative world and becoming the all-important link between us.

Kristin's house is just beautiful and I became rather obsessed with her work. She's also a fabulous person who I feel honoured to call a friend.

Shortly after that I received a cheerful email from Rachelle at KenziePoo. Rachelle was also featured on Bloesem Kids. Her blog was just beautiful and I fell in love with her "Turn this room into an outfit" feature. I jumped at the chance to be a featured crafter and we had a small giveaway.

I've kept in touch with these three inspiring women over the past year. I continue to exhibit on Paper n Stitch, I read KenziePoo whenever I get the chance and Little Guy loves his klt:works owl t shirt and matching tote bag.

So it's with great excitement that I reveal a project that we've been working on. Kristin and I have created our signature items in the same fabric

We emailed back and forth many many times trying to find the perfect material for a Mee a Bee messenger bag and a little klt:works "plush" toy. Kristin asked me which toy I loved best and I had to choose the slug. Honestly, isn't a slug the most unlikely creature to be turned into a cuddly toy? Yes! that's why I love it!

Where does KenziePoo come into the equation? She has generously offered to host a GIVEAWAY! That's right friends, you could win the Mee a Bee bag and the klt:works slug. It's really easy to enter and all the details are over at KenziePoo (please don't enter here).

OK, what are you waiting for? head over the KenziePoo to enter!

And if you miss out or can't wait to see if you have won, the bag and slug set are available to buy in our respective stores: klt:works and Mee a Bee.


  1. That slug is great! How fun to collaborate together. I plan on doing a post about our rocket messenger bag next week! If you're wanting to do a "back to school" giveaway we can include it in the post... don't need to do one, but if you want to...

  2. What a great post Jacqui! This project has been so much fun!

  3. Wow, thanks so much Jacqui for the sweet words! Love the collaboration by the way!!


  4. the best part about blogging is discovering and collaborating with creatively inclined people!

    i just came across your blog through Flairful and i have to say its LOVELY! do drop by mine too when you have some time. perhaps we can follow each other. =)



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