Under attack, creepy crawlies

This summer has been really hot, are you tired of hearing that? I was wondering if it was in fact too hot for birds and some insects. Is that possible? We normally toss out crusts and unwanted sandwich corners for the birds to eat but in the past couple of months they've sat on the lawn to be devoured slowly by ants. No birds? Do birds migrate in summer? 

There has also been a lack of mosquitoes. Is it possible that it's too hot? I really think we have very few around. We have dragonflies which eat them and also bats (eek) which eat them as well. So that's great!

That's outside ... come inside and we are under attack. I won't go into details but tonight I have been reading this blog about Japanese insects. Why? Because I found something with hundreds of legs on my office wall. Last week I found something gross in my laundry. Little Guy said he had an ant in his room. It freaks me out being surrounded by nature but I think it's par for the course in this country (humidity breeds nasties) plus we do live in the country, kind of.

I suppose it might help if I did some housework? instead of sewing? hahaha. Little Guy probably had a biscuit in his room which would account for the ants.


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  2. Oh no! I know how that is. But we are currently being over run by mice. We think there was a nest in our attic and they are all running around the house. We've gotten 5 and one is on the loose. He ran right under my feet a few minutes ago. UGH!

  3. There's definitely something about insects this year. I'm living in Kyoto, so not so far from you, and we found ourselves with a bit more insect activity (!) in the apartment than the previous years. Maybe they are hot too...;)
    But seriously, is this summer ever going to end ?!



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