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I can't believe it's Friday already! I have had a real week of it with my two fighting kids. Their arguing, bickering, shouting, frustrated, wingeing voices has driven me over the edge too many times to count. We have had several time-outs and early-to-bed nights. It's been exhausting.

I am clinging to small distractions. This photo came into my in-box last night of my good friend Jenny's son with his new messenger bag. Jenny runs the Southern Institute website. She's a mom-blogger extraordinaire with three adorable children and a great attitude.

Whenever I need a dose of reality, some advice or perspective on life I visit Jenny's blog. I shouldn't be surprised but Jenny has always been through what I am going through or is experiencing exactly the same thing at the same moment. This week it's dealing with boredom in older kids and the stress of trying to accommodate the kids' different needs.

For both of us this "problem" is exacerbated by their age gap. In my case there is almost five years between my two boys. They also seem to be at the two extremes of maturity, one is very mature for his age and one is rather immature for his age.

Anyway I was relieved to read Jenny's confession about this age-old problem (excuse the pun!). A small distraction for both of us this week is a last end of summer vacation giveaway! Go to the Southern Institute to enter for your chance to win a Mee a  Bee bag of your choice! entries close Monday Aug 30th, 2010.

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  1. I'm relieved to read that I'm not the only one going through that! Sometimes I kind of throw things out there thinking, oh boy, someone's going to think I'm wackadoodle. So glad to know you, Jacqui! These long distance/international friendships I have made through blogging are not taken for granted.


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