And so we move into September

September 1st! we're getting there! Biggie started back at school today. There was talk of a new class opening up,  if enough new children moved into the area. But things will remain the same with only four new kids in his grade and at least one kid leaving. 

Thankfully the problems we had earlier in the year are well over. Biggie is happy with his class, teacher and workload. He's doing really well. He was very happy to get back to school and didn't mind one bit that he has homework on his first day back.

Things are looking good for Little Guy too. This morning I went to the kindergarten to start the enrollment process for him! Yaye!!  He won't start until April next year but between now and then there are a lot of events he can attend and quite a bit of preparation to do.

Each year the kindergarten takes in 100 kids in the three year olds class and then just twenty extras can join the four year olds class. When Biggie started kindergarten five years ago demand was high and entrance was granted on a first come first served basis. We were really lucky to get in, thanks to Mr. Mee a Bee queuing up at 5am outside the gate on enrollment day. We were number twenty!

Things have changed. Japan, like many countries, has an aging population. It's hard to tell in a country that is so heavily populated. To me it seems like there are kids and young families everywhere. But today I really could see the immediate effects of this problem. Only five children came to register for the twenty spots that will open up in our class and only about seventy for the 100 places in the younger class. I have absolutely nothing to worry about and can go at the correct time on enrollment day, October 1st.

So a kind of rhythm will return to our lives. Biggie will be at school most of the day which means he won't be here fighting with Little Guy nor will he need lunch. Chatty Cafe will start next week so we'll have leftover cake again. We will start preparing Little Guy for kindergarten life and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. By April next year I will have been home with a preschooler (Biggie or Little) for nine and a half years. I am really looking forward to a few peaceful mornings!

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  1. Oh, this is great Jacqui. I'm sure the little fella will have a ball at kindy. And your reward for all your effort will be your own time in the morning. Otsukaresama!


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